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Our Freediving course in Phuket is a unique opportunity to experience the beauty of underwater life without any bulky diving equipment. Our instructors provide a safe and fun learning environment, so you can explore the depths of the ocean with ease. Join us, and discover a new dimension of diving.


Unlock the full potential of freediving with our Freediving Specialty Course. This course takes you beyond the basics to discover the true thrill and beauty of freediving. Our expert instructors will teach you new techniques and skills that will allow you to explore the depths of the ocean with ease and confidence. Sign up today, and discover the endless possibilities of this exhilarating sport.


Take advantage of our special price package and get started on your freediving journey with THE DIVE JOURNEY. Our experienced instructors will work with you to develop your diving skills and help you reach your full potential.

What Freediving course should I start with? For beginner who just want to know the basic of Freediving, we recommend SSI BASIC FREEIDING COURSE. It is a 1 day course in the pool focusing on learning the basic and having fun with freediving skills and knowledge. However, if you want to take Freediving a bit more serious and may take it further to continue to the next leve, we recommend SSI FREEDIVER COURSE(LEVEL 1). This course will teach you all the basics of Freediving in more detail. There are some performance and exam that you need to be able to complete to earn the certification.

What do I do if I don't pass the Level 1 Requirements? Many people do not pass the SSI FREEDIVER COURSE(LEVEL1) due to many reasons, mainly equalization. There are 2 options you can choose Option 1 Be certified with the highest certification possible. If you pass the final exam and pool requirements, but cannot equalize in the openwater so you cannot complete the openwater requirments, you may be get with POOL FREEDIVING certification which can later be upgraded to FREEDIVER(LEVEL1) certification. Or even if you cannot complete the pool requirements, you can get BASIC FREEDIVING certification. This option is great for those who do not regularly visit Phuket and may not get another chance to come back to complete the missing requirements. Please note that there will be an upgrade fee. Option 2 Keep it as is and come back to complete the missing requirements later. There will be no upgrade fee.

I can already dive to 20 meters, can I start with level 2? Short answer is, no. Many people can dive to 20 meters from various background such as spearfisherman, but what happened is you have never learned the proper way of breathing, the correct and safe technique, and the basics that is taught in FREEDIVER COURSE(LEVEL1) and not in ADVANCE FREEDIVER(LEVEL2), so you will need to take the prior course. However, we have a special deal for Level 1 + Level 2 bundle offer at a special price.


Frequently Asked Questions

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