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  • I don't have diving gears . . .
    No worries, there are rental diving gears. We select the provider of rental gear who service and maintain their equipment in excellent condition to ensure that you will have a safe and enjoyable experience. If you are looking forward to take a course, diving equipment are included in the course. If you are looking for fundive and trips, rental gear can be arranged. We just need your weight and height.
  • Can we do night dive in Phuket? (SCUBA)
    Absolutely!!! Kata beach is a good site for night dives. You can select the time and date that you want to do the dive as it is a shore dive, so no boat trip needed.
  • What do I need to bring on a dive boat?
    Personal use items such as - Dry clothes - Towels - Sunscreen The boat has most of the things you needed. Food, snacks, water and soft drinks, sea sickness pills are available/provided on the daytrip dive boats.
  • How is the day like on a diving boat day trip?
    If you book a transfer, the transfer will pick you up according to your pick up time by the boat company's transfer from your hotel. The transfer will take you to Chalong pier where we'll meet at around 07.45 We will then board the boat at the end of the pier. Once everyone and their equipment is on the boat, the tour leader of the boat will start with a boat briefing to get you to know about the layout of the boat and the facilities. After the boat briefing, breakfast is be served. The boat takes around 2 hours to travel to the first dive site for Racha Noi island, and around 2.30 hours for Phi Phi trip. During this time, after you have finished your breakfast, your divemaster/instructor will call you to the dive deck to assemble/check your equipment. * Please be aware that the boat may change their schedule due to weather condition and safety reasons * If you are on the trip to Phi Phi, please prepare your National Park Fee (CASH) with you. You can give to your Divemaster/Instructor to give to the tour leader. The ticket is valid for 3 days We're sorry to tell you that double pricing still exists. Thai National - National Park Entry Fee 40 THB, SCUBA Diving Fee 200 THB Foreigner - National Park Entry Fee 400 THB, SCUBA Diving Fee 200 THB Before we arrive at the first dive site, your divemaster/instructor will give you a dive briefing of what we are going to do and how the dive site is. The boat usually give signal 10 - 15 mins before arriving at the dive site so everyone could get ready. Each dive maximum time is 50 mins follow by surface interval(break) around 50 mins - 1 hour. As you can imagine, sometime the boat can be a bit crowded so there is a long line for food. By the time you finish your meal or even before you can finish it, we might arrive at the next dive site already, so be quick to leave time for yourself to digest, you don't want to feed the fish on your next dive !!! Only after the last dive can you purchase some cold beer on the boat. On most boats there'll be a board to write your name and mark how many beer have you taken. PLEASE PAY FOR THE BEER BEFORE WE ARRIVE AT THE PIER. Before we arrive at the pier, the boat will have a short debriefing to tell you how and when to get off the boat and also your transfer back if you book a transfer organized by the boat company. Please check your belongings around the boat, make sure you don't forget anything. The boat do not dock at the pier for long time so if you forget something, you will probably get them the next day. Also don't forget to tip the boat crew as a form of gratitude. Once the boat arrive at the pier, the boat crew/divemaster/instructor will off-load the diving equipment first, please do not try to get off the boat until instructed to. We will then return to the meeting point and get your diving equipment. Boat leaves the pier travelling to 1st dive site Dive 1 - 50 mins Lunch Dive 2 - 50 mins Snack Break Dive 3 - 50 mins Snack Break/Beer O'clock heading back to Chalong pier Please note that all the dives are no deco dive For what you need to prepare/bring on the boat with you, please visit What do I need to bring on a dive boat?
  • Can I do Freediving and SCUBA diving on the same day/trip?
    Yes you can ! But you must do Freediving first then SCUBA diving, and never the other way around. While SCUBA diving, your body accumulate Nitrogen in your tissue, that is the reason why you do not ascend quickly or getting on an airplane. If you do, you'll risk getting Decompression Sickness(DCS) or the Bends. Think if yourself as a unopened bottle of soda, if you open the lid slowly, the bubbles will form and float to the surface slowly without overflowing, but if you open the lid quickly or shake the bottle, the gas inside will rush out of the liquid causing it to flow. Freediving ascend and descend quickly similar to you shaking the bottle of soda and accelerate the rate of gas releasing out of your tissue.
  • When is a good season to dive in Phuket?
    You can dive in/around Phuket all year round. Most of the dive sites are close to the islands such as Racha Islands and PhiPhi Islands which the island itself can block the wind and the waves, getting there is another story. The best time(most calm) season is from November to April(summer). Monsoon season begins from May to October.
  • I haven't dived in a long time, what do I have to do?
    If you haven't dived in more than 6 months, if you don't have many dives or have not dived in many years, it is advisable to take SCUBA Skill Update course to create comfort and confidence in your diving skills.
  • Why should I dive with SSI?
    SSI is the first agency to become fully digital, meaning everything is online/application. There is no physical text book, plastic cards, log book, etc. Everything is in your account that linked to your email, so you can access everything through the mobile application and computer from anywhere any time. No more losing your certification cards or getting your log book wet on the dive boat. You just log on to your account and everything is there at your finger tip. Also certification can be done instantly, no more waiting for the certification card to arrive.
  • Why should we dive with THE DIVE JOURNEY?
    We are a small company that means we do not have big number of customer. We can tailor the course to your liking. If you want someone to work and spend time with you rather than going through the process of "divers factory" where everything is rush and minimum because there are many other divers in a course, and everyone is going through the course like going through an "assembly line" then work with us. Furthermore, our students get up to 10% discount with our partner shops. - Waterpro - Aquamaster - Dive Supply - Cressi - Dive Space
  • How's diving in Phuket?
    Phuket has many dive sites around it. You can book day trip boat to different dive sites leaving from Chalong pier(see dive site page for more information). There are many reasons why you should come to Phuket for diving. Logistics - You can fly straight to Phuket International Airport then head right to the hotel of your choices. Transportation is not difficult as the island is not very big, meaning everything is close by. Taxi, car rental service, and public transport are available. Accommodation - You can find accommodation of all ranges from budget hostel to 5 star hotel. Different areas of the island has different style. Patong - Beach accessible with party & night life but also a bit more expensive and crowded Kata & Karon - Beach accessible while being a bit more quiet. Bars are available but not as many and not as crowded as Patong area Phuket Town - Find local lifestyle and cuisine. Many good budget hostel and nice boutique hotel. Almost everything is within walking distance. Chalong - If you are planning to just dive and don't really want to go anywhere else, you can stay around Chalong Pier. There are several hotels close by with only 2 - 5 minutes walk Rawai - The most Southern area of Phuket. Not as crowded, many gyms, active lifestyle. Kamala, Bangtao and Cherngtalay - More quiet area with a few bars around. Beach accessible. Convenience - You can find 7-11 everywhere you go. Shopping malls not far away. Variety of food are available here from local to western cuisine. So you are not staying in the middle of nowhere and limited to only what the hotel could provide. Day Trip - There are dive boats going on daytrip to various divesites everyday, so you are not limited to only the schedule of one boat. Local Divesites - There are other local dive sites such as Koh Waeo and Tinlizzy wreck in Bangtao bay Shore dive/night dive from Kata Beach Tataeng Lake in Phang Nga province 1 - 2 hour drive Koh Hey is only 20 - 30 minutes away from Phuket Aquarium with a wreck in the South bay.
  • Is there a night course available?
    If you are living in Phuket and having a problem finding the time to do the course, we can arrange a night course for you. There are some pools still open at night which we can use. Afterall, the academic is self study online, we can have a short knowledge review at a coffee shop before we get into the pool. So let us know what you want, we'll try to be as flexible as possible.
  • Can I pay by credit card?
    Yes, we have credit card machine. However, we do have to add 3% processing fee for the bank to the amount as well.
  • Where can I buy diving equipment in Phuket?
    Most of the shops are located not far from Chalong roundabout. You can search these shops on google. Please see the list of the shops below - Dive Supply - Aquamaster - Waterpro - Dive Space - Cressi
  • How do I register to SSI application
    SSI application is available in the App Store and Play Store. We have created a tutorial on how to register and update your profile below.
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