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Dive Sites

There are variety of dive sites you can choose around Phuket, from crystal clear water with sandy bottom to ship wreck to national park with dense marine life. See below for pictures and information of the dive sites.

Racha Noi & Racha Yai Island
12 Mar 22 Racha-44
2 Jun 22 Racha May Pat-40
2 Jun 22 Racha May Pat-18
13-16 Jul 22 OWD-38

Racha Islands consist of 2 main islands, Racha Noi Island (South), and Racha Yai Island (North). The two islands are located to the South of Phuket. It takes around 2 hours to get to Racha Noi island and 1 hour to get to Racha Yai island.

The islands are known for the crystal clear water and white sandy bottom which is very much suitable for beginners who are taking courses. One of the most famous dive site of Phuket is Bay 1 at Racha Yai island where there are 2 motorcycles and 4 ship wrecks around this bay. 

Phi Phi Islands
16 Apr 22 Phi Phi-4
16 Apr 22 Phi Phi-3
16 Apr 22 Phi Phi-32
16 Apr 22 Phi Phi-40
16 Apr 22 Phi Phi-67

Phi Phi islands are group of island located in Hat Noppharat Thara – Mu Ko Phi Phi National Park in Krabi district. It takes around 2 hours to travel from Phuket with daytrip SCUBA boat. It is also where Maya Bay is located where the movie "The Beach" starring Leonardo DiCaprio in 2000 was filmed.

The island has rich marine life and is a home to many black tip reef sharks and sea turtles. The reef area also has dense coral with limestone rock formation. The usual route will also stop at a dive site called Shark Point or Musang Rock where you might see Leopard sharks laying on the sand in the area near the underwater pinacles

This dive site is suitable for Open Water Diver to Advance. If you like to see many fish and marine life, we strongly recommended visiting Phi Phi islands.

*** Due to the reason that this is a nation park, there is a national park entrance and diving fee ***

King Cruiser Wreck

King Cruiser wreck was a ferry service travelling from Phuket to Phi Phi Islands. It sank on 4th of May 1997 after hitting a submerged rock while travelling to Phi Phi Islands. Fortunately, there were no casualties during the incident.


King cruiser become a popular wreck diving site in Phuket. The wreck is 85 meters long and 25 meters wide. The bottom is 33 meters while the top of the wreck is 16-18 meters. The bow of the wreck is pointed towards the South. There is a buoy line attached to the wreck at the aft(North). King Cruiser wreck has many marine life, so many that sometime you can loose your dive lead in the shole of fish.


This site also known to have strong current and visibility might not be good. Therefore only Advance level is recommended.

Koh Waeo & Tin Lizzy

"Koh Waeo" is a small island 4 miles from Layan Beach. Beautiful underwater scenery and easy diving condition suitable for beginners and those who want something new out of the usual site of normal day trip route.

On our way back, there is also a tin mining ship wreck called "Tin Lizzy" in the middle of Bangtao Bay. It is the remain of the tin mining era in Phuket and PhangNga before it was made illegal. The wreck is at 13 - 15 meters depth.

This dive sites only available during summer or high season(December - April) due to the wind direction.

Thataeng Lake
Sonia Wave 1-23
Sonia Wave 1-7
Sonia Wave 1-3
Sonia Wave 1-36

Thataeng Lake is a fresh water lake located in PhangNga province. It was created by tin mining where they use high pressure water to make soil turn into slushes and then filter the tin out of the mud.

Unlike most fresh water lakes, Thataeng Lake is unique due to the great visibility. It takes roughly around 1.30 hours to drive from Phuket. No need for the boat, you can shore dive here at anytime you want.


What you can see in this lake are trees, wooden structures from the tin mining. The maximum depth of this lake is around 15 - 17m depending on the season. The bottom is covered with silt and mud, so those who have trouble with buoyancy, this will be a great place to practice.

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