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Phi Phi Trip





3,900 THB

3,300 THB

2,600 THB

Number of Dives




Phi Phi has many islands in its area. It is a Marine National Park located in Krabi province. Phi Phi has many dive sites such as Bida Nok island, Bida Nai island, Turtle Rock, Malong Bay, Viking Cave, etc. This trip will have one other dive site which between Phuket and Phi Phi which is "Shark Point". Shark Point is a group of underwater pinacle where you have a high chance of meeting leopard shark and other animal such as large shoal of barracuda and travelly, seafans and sea horses.

Due to the reason that it is in the national park area, an extra cost of park fee is needed

400 THB national park entrans fee

200 THB scuba diving fee

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